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Jobs Currently Hiring

Management Opportunities

  • Coordinating, reviewing and discussing maintenance work flow with crews and other managers.
  • Efficiently scheduling, routing and delegating the maintenance crews to ensure the delivery of high quality work.
  • Work to resolve non-profitable accounts.
  • Acting as crew leader when someone is out to ensure a seamless level of service for our clients.
  • Understand the contracts of each of our maintenance clients and provide excellent customer service through maintaining constant and effective communication with clients, other managers and the maintenance crews.
  • Respond to requests and concerns in a timely manner and use service recovery techniques when necessary.
  • Perform site visits to our existing and prospective clients and recognize opportunities to propose and close sales for new work.
  • Supervisory duties to include recruiting, hiring, training, retaining, professional development, performance improvement, and separation activities for crew members.
  • Maintain an appropriate inventory of supplies and equipment and basic maintenance of the fleet and equipment.
  • Co-lead the safety program for the company with other Managers.
  • Make sales calls, produce proposals and close sales.
  • Support the work flow of the office and work with other team members in meeting the strategic goals of the company.
  • Enthusiastically lead and participate in team meetings, education and professional development activities, while embracing the culture, mission and vision of Robbins Landscaping.

Technicians or Crew Leaders

Job Requirements:
  • Good driving record for leadership positions.
  • Basic plant identification is essential.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with our teams and our clients.
  • Ensure all tasks involved in the Ideal Maintenance Visit are executed completely and safely
  • Strong attention to detail is required
  • Ongoing training and advancement opportunities
  • Tasks include: mowing and trimming lawns, trimming bushes and pruning trees, weed control in garden beds, planting flowers, mulch installation, leaf management, snow management, planting, mulching, patio installation, walls installation, water features, irrigation and lighting installation or service, drainage systems, grading, seeding and sod installation